About Us

Hello and Welcome to the Whitmore Farm, Its good to meet you!

I’m Jeff and I started this small farm business as a way to teach my kids about how to run a business and teach them about the responsibility required to take care of livestock. My kids love chickens, so teaching them the routine of taking care of them every day was quite easy.

As time passed, our business evolved from selling rare chickens at our local 4-H fairs and to our local community to also selling handmade fishing lures as a side business. During this time it seemed like we were making all kinds of stencils to help produce our lures faster while maintaining a level of consistency. We decided to start selling the stencils along side the stencils. After we started selling more stencils than actual fishing lures, the choice to change our focus was obvious and off we went into the stencil manufacturing industry.

We work hard to create a high quality product that will meet the needs of our customers. Every stencil we produce is trimmed, cleaned and packaged with a high attention to detail. We want our customers to feel they are valued in our eyes so we strive to make sure the products we send out the door are our best products.

Please Contact Us if you have questions.

Or write to us at:

Whitmore Farm LLC

P.O. Box 146

Sanbornton, NH 03269