Community Support

We take pride in our community and spend a great deal of time volunteering to help support the local programs in our area. We feel that supporting our local youth is the best use of time and yields the best results. That being the case, here are local programs we volunteer with, or have volunteered with:

Gilmanton Youth Organization – This is an amazing group of volunteers who organize and deliver a variety of programs, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, running programs and soon STEM based programs. We give major props to our friends and family who volunteer for this great cause.

4-H – Gilmanton – Although this is a new program in town, 4-H has a great history of cultivating learning and developing a love of mother nature in our youth. These programs teach kids how learn about a variety of subject while enjoying the challenges and subject matter. Our new local chapter will incorporate STEM and projects focused around poultry and there environment.

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts – As outdoor lovers, we have volunteered to lead young minds through the challenges the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America have laid out in front of us. This organization teaches kids about being mindful in this world and how to handle safety issues. This organization cultivates our leaders of tomorrow. Plus, the pine-wood derby is just an amazing time for everyone!

Destination Imagination of NH – Destination Imagination is an outstanding world-wide organization which presents a team of kids with two major challenges a year. The first challenge is to work as a team to create a “solution” to the team challenges as outlined by DI at the beginning of the school year. This gives the kids approximately 6 months to work as a team to come up with a solution to present judges at the regional competition. The second is an “instant challenge” which is a random challenge that the team must complete on the spot without any preparation. Both challenges teach the kids to think outside the box to solve problems, how to work as a team, and most importantly, how to lead. This is another worthwhile program to volunteer for and we are proud to have had the opportunity to help out when we could.